Technotypen und Eselsohren

B.A. Project

The first biographical story I remember was a child-book by Erich Kästner – Als ich ein kleiner Junge war. I listened to that story when I was 8 years old. Almost 20 years later I started to deal with the topic »biography« again.
Inspired by a TED-Talk by Maira Kalman and many presentations from designers I saw during my studies, I wanted to find out which kind of influence the biographical background has on us and our work as designers. To outline the topic I combined three perspectives – the theoretical, psychological view on biography and memory, the individual stories and in a final step a subjective perception. I talked to designers from different backgrounds and orientations to collect their personal stories.
As a final product I decided to make a book that gives a good overview on biographical influences on us and our work.